Friday, 29 July 2016

Travel Essentials 101

FEATURING: Shirt - Hollister, T-Shirt - H&M, Swimming Shorts - Primark, Shower Gel - Jack Wills, Watch & Book - Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses - New Look

Happy Friday folks! I'm writing this post just before I start packing for my two week trip to the Mediterranean with my family. I haven't went on a family vacation in nearly four years so I'm really looking forward to it! I can't wait to trade in the clouds and rain for some sunshine and heat, I've missed it so much! The photo above showcases just some of the accessories and menswear that I'll be sporting while away such as my linen floral shirt courtesy of Hollister and my favourite sunglasses from New Look. I'll be travelling to the Balearic island of Majorca for two whole weeks so I'm extremely excited to see what the place has in store for us. After six long years away from the Spanish island, I can't wait to return to dive straight into it's culture, food and of course it's swimming pools.
So this summer whether you're jetting off somewhere hot and exotic or making the most of any sun which turns up in the UK, I thought I'd share some travel essentials you need to be packing in your suitcase!  
  Okay let's get the most obvious ones out of the way first; passport and boarding pass. Let's be honest, you're getting nowhere without them so they're definitely the most essential for any trip. In terms of what to wear on your feet, I prefer flip flops and espadrilles while away. I just find them extremely comfortable as they give your feet plenty of air to breathe. I think that a classic style flip flop should be near the top of any holiday goers checklist. Just match the colours to key items in your summer wardrobe for a co-ordinated look. Now I think shirts are a must for men while travelling, as long as they don't have garish patterns or witty slogans. I'm loving floral patterned shirts at the moment, my favourite being my Hollister one above. Combining style and feel with a simple lightweight cotton shirt will look great under the summer sun. I do love my stripes as well, especially on t-shirts, so if you're like me then H&M and River Island tick all the boxes. Now wherever you go hopefully the sun will be out and so a decent pair of sunnies is essential. Designed to wear for taking in the sights or doing something extreme, I'd definitely recommend New Look for a great pair.
Now you're basically going to be living in shorts your whole trip, I know I will, so they're a must too. Whether they're knee length, three-quarter lengths, ripped, I think all of them are acceptable. I'm also going to be bringing a few decent reads to bring with me; some new ones along with some of my old favourites. I figured I could read them on the journey there or even by the pool or at the beach. You could also bring a notebook if you're the type of guy that likes to record memories the old fashioned way, it would be the perfect travel companion! A camera or phone is also essential to capture those precious memories. I've already got my phone and camera wiped and charging as I write this, looking forward to taking some Spanish snaps! If you're travelling anywhere near the sea or somewhere with a pool then swimming shorts will be needed as well. If you're going somewhere similar to myself then the pool or beach will become your natural habitat. Bring a couple of pairs with bright and colourful designs. I'm not into knee-length swimming shorts so shorten the length and up your game!
Sun cream and after sun are also two biggies, regardless of your skin tone or proximity to sunshine, there is always a risk of sunburn in warmer climates. You could also bring a portable speaker as a great soundtrack is essential for building those holiday memories. A couple more obvious ones would be your wallet, beach towel, shower gel, cologne etc. Now a smart item to take with you which I don't think many people do is a phrase book for the country you're visiting. It doesn't have to be anything extensive but you never know when a few local phrases might come in handy. Finally I think some hand luggage is essential as well. I like having a backpack with me so I can put all my electronics, books, snacks etc into. These items will always be with me for the journey and they won't be taking up any valuable space in my suitcase.
So there you have it folks, we've got all our essentials and are ready to travel! Hopefully this post was helpful for anyone travelling this summer. I'd love to hear what you think of it! Don't forget to leave a comment below or follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram. Now I'm not going to be blogging while I'm away, I'm just going to be enjoying the quality time with my family. But I can't wait to let you guys know what I've been doing when I return next month. So until then, have a great couple of weeks everyone!

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