Monday, 25 July 2016

Things to do on a budget!

Okay folks, it's that time of the year again. Summer! The time where you want to go out every single day and do something with friends or family, experience new things and enjoy the weather (when its not miserable that is). But every year money is always an issue with most people. You want to enjoy the time off but between one thing or another you just don't have the money to. This is even quite relevant with myself recently because between university, working and going on holidays, it's sometimes difficult for me to always go out and enjoy myself. So lately I've been getting out with my friends and family while being money aware, not spending as much and actually still having a brilliant time! Looking back, when we were all younger we all had fantastic summer breaks and it barely cost us a thing. Now that we're adults, why does it have to change? We honestly don't need to splash the cash to celebrate our favourite season! Recently I went to St. Georges Market with my parents to take in all the crafts and produce, went on a hike with my friend up Cavehill to be greeted with spectacular views over the city of Belfast and bought food to eat beside the sea before watching the sunset over Belfast Lough. Honestly there are endless activities to do this summer, and I've rounded up the best ones below. The best thing is, they'll barely cost you a thing! 

1. Do a walking tour of your city
2. Go stargazing on a warm summers night
3. Cook your favourite meal from scratch
4. Take a road trip to your nearest beach
5. Go camping
6. Have a picnic
7. Go hiking
8. Play mini golf
9. Visit a museum
10. Have a water balloon fight
11. Volunteer in your community
12. Watch the sunset
13. Visit your local market
14. Photography challenges
15. Get sporty
16. Play board games in the sun
17. Movie night with friends/family
18. Binge-watch a great television series
19. Throw a BBQ for friends/family
20. Plan your next summer vacation
So there you have it, 20 different things to do over summer while on a budget. I'll definitely being doing some of these before I go back to university! What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions at what activities to do? Let me know in the comments below! Also don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram.
Until next time folks.

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