Friday, 19 August 2016

Mallorca | Photo Diary

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I was going on a two week holiday to the island of Mallorca. Hands down, the best two weeks I've had in an extremely long time! Not only was the place we were staying in beautiful but the island as a whole is absolutely stunning! Now I have travelled to Mallorca before when I was younger but I never really got a feel for the whole island, we just kind of stayed in the area our hotel was in. But this time around was different. I saw so much of the island that I hadn't seen before; beautiful ports, incredible architecture, stunning landscapes etc, all in the space of two weeks! Obviously I didn't spend the whole time travelling. I adored where we stayed in Ca'n Picafort and I definitely made plenty of time for the pool and beach - might I add it was right beside our hotel! Despite the popular belief that the island only boasts clubbing, I found myself engrossed in the history and local culture via the Old Town in Alcudia and Palma. My camera literally was not out of my hand for the whole two weeks, it was just so picturesque! With a 3am start and seven hours of travelling by plane and coach before reaching our hotel in the North East of the island, it was safe to say I was exhausted. But I was so excited to get out and explore the island! Read below to find out what I got up to:

Palma Cathedral & City - Despite having become quite a modern city, Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands, has retained it's culture and charm. As soon as I arrived in the city I was in complete awe of the dazzling gothic La Seu Cathedral which overlooks the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea. Once inside the historical building I was completely blown away by it's history, architecture and it's art - the cathedral has one of the worlds largest stain glass windows. It's crazy! After exploring the rest of the grounds we had plenty of time to explore the captivating capital. There is honestly just so much to see and do in Palma. Whether you want to hit the shops and boutiques (trust me there's plenty) or sit back and relax in one of the many Spanish restaurants, there's something for everyone here.
Alcudia Old Town & Port - This is the main tourist centre in the North of Mallorca and it was only 15 minutes away from our hotel. The Old Town is one of the most visited villages on the island and has a 14th Century wall built around it. However you're able to step up onto it and follow it around the majority of the town taking in everything from a different perspective. Have your camera at the ready! Inside there is a maze of streets that are fairly narrow and surrounded by interesting buildings and architecture. The town also hosts a market twice a week and has several popular restaurants and bistros famous for traditional Spanish food in small settings. We spent a huge chunk of the day in the Old Town before heading down to the coast, it was just too beautiful with stunning views overlooking the landscape. Port d'Alcudia is only 5 minutes away from the Old Town and is a much more built up, tourist area with a huge sandy beach that stretches for 14km! Most of the restaurants are located around the marina which is lined with dozens of tall palm trees.
Port de Pollenca - This small town is located just 6km east of the inland town of Pollenca and it is honestly one of the most beautiful places on the island. It is the most northerly town in Mallorca and boasts incredible views of the nearby mountains as well as having access to the sea and the cutest beach. It has a coastal pathway which stretches for over 2 miles which is lined with various bars and restaurants. While walking along it we stopped at a couple of bars to sip on a few cocktails and took in the magnificent coastal scenery. We had one day there but honestly one day is just not enough, the place is stunning!
Western Encounter - This was definitely the highlight of the whole holiday for me! I discovered Mallorca by coach, boat, tram and train in one day and it was absolutely amazing! We travelled through the spectacular Tramuntana mountain range, taking in the incredible views before seeing the famous winding mountain road which lead to Sa Colobra. Honestly the views were absolutely breath-taking - again, camera was at the ready! After the visit we boarded a boat to Port de Soller. I don't think I'll ever forget sailing along the rugged coastline and seeing the picturesque coastal town ahead of me. We explored the resort which consists of shops, restaurants and bars that stretch from the beach front right up into the mountainside. It looked like somewhere from a movie, it was incredible. We then hopped on the tram to the town of Soller which is located in a large bowl-shaped valley. After strolling around the unique town we boarded the Soller wooden train. It travelled up through the mountains, twisting and turning through the old tunnels, chugging past some of the most beautiful scenery I'd ever seen. That was a journey I'm never going to forget. 
There's honestly so much more to do on Mallorca. From various boat tours to water parks to Cap de Formentor - which is at the top of my to-do list when I'm next on the island - there's something for everyone.
Son Baulo Hotel - Situated directly on the Son Baulo beach and beside a nature reserve, what more could you want? I couldn't fault this place. From the food to the service to the rooms, I couldn't recommend this place enough! I had an amazing time there and I'll definitely be back for more!  
Those two weeks went by far too quickly and I probably ate far too much paella as well. But I feel like I experienced so much of Mallorca. I learned so much about the island while also relaxing and unwinding in the sun. If you've never went to Mallorca, what are you waiting for? Honestly it's an incredible island, you will not be disappointed!
So have you ever went to Mallorca or any of the other Balearic Islands? Any recommendations on where to go and what to see? Let me know in the comment section below. Oh and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram.
Until next time folks

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