Monday, 12 September 2016

Top Tips for Freshers

So it's that time of the year again. Soon enough the Hogwarts Express will be leaving Kings Cross Station and all the universities across the country will be opening their doors to welcome in another batch of students. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I was in that position - minus the Hogwarts Express, unfortunately. My first year at university has been a complete roller coaster from start to finish but I've loved it! It really began to sink in that I would be leaving home when I went to collect my keys for the accommodation and I started to get really nervous about the whole thing. I didn't know anyone, I would be away from home and I didn't know my way around the university at all. I felt like my world was about to be turned upside down. I was panicking so much that come the very first day I was just a bundle of nerves. But looking back on it, I really didn't have to be so nervous. Everyone on my course was in the exact the same position and they were all so friendly. After the first day, I was chatting to people on my course and even went out in the evening with my housemates. Overall I absolutely loved my first year. I didn't go out drinking 3 times a week like some people I know and I still enjoyed myself. The first year at university can seem really scary, like I said, I was terrified this time last year. But my best advice could be not to feel so nervous and worry as well as always look at the positives. Your in university!! Not everyone can say that, just enjoy it while it lasts. So I'm just going to run through some of my top tips for surviving freshers: 
 Use social media - I would say this is a biggie, especially if your living away from home. Before I moved into my accommodation there was a Facebook page set up which I was added to. This included everyone that was going to be living in the same area as me. I thought this was so handy. Not only did I get to find out who my housemates were before even moving in but I could talk to and get to know the people I'd be seeing every day for the rest of the year. I thought it was a really good way to introduce us to the place and settle our nerves a bit. So definitely check out if your university accommodation has any Facebook pages or forums set up so you can get to know your peers. Also don't hold back with social media once university/freshers has properly begun. It's a great way to talk to the students on your course and get involved in things, which leads us on to my second tip...
Get involved - I know it will be nerve-wrecking starting somewhere new where you might not know anyone. But try and get out of your comfort zone and try new things, even start conversations with people. If your waiting in a cue why not talk to the person in front of you and get to know them, more than likely they'll appreciate it and feel better as they're probably just as nervous as you. Or. Once your moved in why not knock on you roommates door and get to know them. *Hint* Bring food with you, your roommates will love you instantly. There's also the Freshers' Fair. Here you'll probably get all your pens for the next 6 months along with some pretty cool information on things you could get involved in. Seriously don't hold back, just go for it. Joining clubs and societies are a fantastic way of meeting new people especially if your not a huge drinker. So whether it's the Environmental Society or Film Club or signing up to be on a sports team, just go for it. Put yourself out there and I'm sure you'll meet some great people.
Work out a simple budget - Okay I don't think I could emphasise this enough. But please budget!! There are so many people I know who used their entire student budget in the first few weeks. They also spent the next couple of months living off of pot noodles, water from the water fountains and having to use the university toilets as they can't afford toilet paper. Yup, the student life can be hard. But please try and budget. If you like going out clubbing, even limit yourself to one night a week. I used to get money out at the start of the week to do me the next 7 days and it actually worked. So I'd recommend trying that.
Sleep - This is a pretty big one. You'd think this would just be basic knowledge. But a lot of students think going to sleep at 4:30am for a 9am lecture is fine three days in a row. No. Not it is not. You will more than likely fall asleep in your lecture and not have a clue what's going on for the rest of the week. So definitely get a good nights sleep, you'll feel 10x better come your morning lecture.
Do your work - You'll hear so many people say that first year doesn't count for anything and second and third year are the important ones. Well my friends that's a load of nonsense. If you have that mind set and don't try in first year then you won't even be back for second year at all. As a fresher you'll probably just want to get out and party but do take the work seriously. Get your head down and get stuck in. If that means completing a deadline in advance then do it, relieve some of the stress and avoid a breakdown. 
Make your room your own - You heard me. This is going to be your place for the next year, you''ll want to make it look homely. Whether that be through sticking up posters, photographs, polaroids, song lyrics, special memories, anything to remind you of home. It will make you feel so much better.
Enjoy every moment - This is probably a bit clichĂ© but these years are going to fly by so quickly. I still can't get over how I'm going to be starting second year in a couple of weeks! But they really are an amazing few years so don't take them for granted. Take advantage of everything that's thrown at you and have a great time!  
Oh and one last thing. Be careful at the end of the year, it tends to be when Voldemort tries to kill you.
So there you have it folks. There's my top tips for surviving freshers. It's probably a lot longer than I was expecting but I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Hopefully this will help someone who's starting university this year. So what are your tip for surviving freshers? I'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram.
Until next time folks.

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