Friday, 23 September 2016

Hello Autumn | My season essentials

Welcome back guys! So it's official. Sweater weather has arrived and Autumn is finally upon us! Not too sure which one I'm more excited about. But we can all definitely tell it's no longer summer... Even just in the past week I've really began to notice a change in the weather. The nights are longer, the mornings are so much cooler and the leaves are slowly changing colour and falling to the ground. Even though I'm not happy to be saying goodbye to the sun and heat until next Spring, I'm actually really looking forward to Autumn this year. I am so ready for conker fights, leaf crunching and pumpkins galore, who's with me? But now that the weather is starting to cool down, it's time to replace all of them t-shirts and shorts with light jackets and sweaters. So I'm just going to share with you guys some of my latest Autumn purchases that are definitely essentials for this season. 
Featuring: Black Top - Zara Menswear, Camel Jacket - Primark Menswear, Ripped Jeans - H&M, Shoes - Primark Menswear, Watch - Fossil

So a couple of days ago me and my friend met up in Belfast City Centre to grab a coffee and have a catch up before I start back to University next week - so nervous for it! One particular area we like to stroll through is the Cathedral Quarter of the city which is where we headed. Soon we found ourselves in the centre of Saint Anne's Square which acted as the background to these photos here. Considering I don't live very far from the city centre I was actually quite surprised that I had never been inside the square before. But I loved it! The architecture was stunning with incredible views of Saint Anne's Cathedral - very Instagrammy indeed! I love the fact that even now I'm still discovering new and exciting things in this city.
  Luckily the square was very quiet during this part of the day so we could snap away with ease. On that day I was sporting my new black suede top from Zara that I picked up when I was in Manchester. I couldn't recommend it enough due to the comfort alone. Not too tight, not too baggy, just right. Plus the length of the arms are great as they're not too short like a casual t-shirt but are long enough to keep you comfortable during the cooler days. I think a plain black top is a classic for any man's wardrobe, it goes with so many things. So definitely look into picking one out this season. I was also wearing my Primark slim fit camel jacket which I love not just for the colour but for the fit as well. I can't tell you how many times I've cycled through jackets over the years and always wanted a camel one. When I found it I thought it was perfect for this time of year, not too heavy or tight. You can also layer it with other pieces which I like.    
Now a pair of jeans are a no brainer for this time of year. You can't go wrong with them, especially ripped ones. They're a statement piece for any outfit you put together. As Autumn is now here I'm starting to build my wardrobe with confident, classic pieces and a good few pairs of jeans will definitely be in there. Black shoes are nothing new but I love these black converse and thought they completed the outfit that I was going for that day. Now a stylish watch is an essential for any man. Adding a bit of decoration to your wrist can make a big impact to your whole outfit. They're so convenient and you're able to mix and match if you have several. These days I never leave the house without a watch on. I absolutely love my new watch from Fossil - I definitely need to get some more before the year is up. 
So there you have it folks, a few of my Autumn essentials for this season. Give it a month or so and it'll be cold enough to bring out the big coats, woolly jumpers and hats but for now I'm enjoying the lighter pieces. I'm very excited to see what the next couple of months will bring, especially Halloween - I'm already thinking of what I could dress up as! But what are you guys wearing this season? What are your Autumn essentials? I'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or come chat to me over on Twitter.
Until next time guys.


  1. Your primark jacket is awesome! It looks so good on you and that watch is lovely too, great essentials X

    1. Awk thank you! I love the jacket - it's so comfortable :)